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Competition Rules and Notes


Competitions – Notes & Rules  Season 2018-19


Speirs Cup

This is the main Club competition and is played in league format over three rounds. Games are played over EIGHT ENDS, or to the Bell, whichever is the sooner.


Firth Medal

Two sections of four rinks play in league format with each team playing each other team in the section. The winners of the sections proceed to the Final.

Games are played over eight ends, or to the Bell, whichever is the sooner.


Rink Medal

Knock-out competition.

Games are played over eight ends, or to the Bell, whichever is the sooner.


Frame Cup/Bearsden Bowl

A Schenkel-style competition for less experienced Skips and played initially over three rounds, thereafter, separating into High and Low Roads for another three rounds.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage members to improve and develop their skills and therefore unsolicited advice should not be offered.  At the start of each season the Match Secretary will identify experienced players (asterisked) who should not be selected if less experienced players are available.  Asterisked players should not skip or play higher up the rink than second.

The Frame Cup is awarded to the winners of the High Road and the Bearsden Bowl to the winners of the Low Road. Games are played over eight ends, or to the Bell, whichever is the sooner. In the event of rinks finishing with an equal number of points the winner will be decided by the rink which won most endsor failing that by the rink with the most shots up.


Centenary Trophy

For season 2017-18, the Centenary Trophy is presented to the rink scoring most points

throughout the season from all four Club competitions but excluding points from the semi-finals and finals of the Firth and Rink Medal competitions.  For games in the Spiers competition points will be awarded on the basis of 2 points for a win, 1 point for a peel and 0 points for a loss.  For the Firth, Rink and Frame/Bowl competitions (excluding semi-finals and finals in the Firth and Rink) points will be awarded on the basis of 3 points for a win, 1 point for a peel and 0 for a loss.  For the Centenary Trophy alone an additional point will be awarded if 8 ends are completed ie. in the Speirs, 3 points for a win, 2 points for a peel and 1 point for a loss; for the other 3 competitions, there will be 4 points for a win, 2 points for a peel and 1 point for a loss.




1. Knock-out competitions - the Rink Medal and the final of the Firth Medal

1.1 In the event of "Peels" ends shall count. If these are also equal, one stone will be played by a nominated member

of each team, the first of which shall be measured and removed before the second member plays.

1.2 Normal sweeping is permitted but not behind the tee.

1.3 Only stones which reach the house will count and the nearer to the tee will be the winner.


2. The Frame Cup/Bearsden Bowl is a restricted competition specifically for less experienced Skips. Members whose names are marked with asterisks in the main list of Rinks and all Reserves are eligible to play, but must not skip or play last stones.


3. Rink Convenors must provide the Match Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer with a copy of their games allocation sheet prior to the start of the playing season.


4. It is the duty of each member, when unable to play, to obtain a substitute and to inform their Skip and Rink Convenor accordingly, but note that this does not apply in the case of Outside Competitions and Friendlies in which instance the Match Secretary should be contacted.


5. In all cases, the winning Skip is responsible for providing the Match Secretary via the Recorder with a properly completed score card, signed by both Skips. A box for collecting score cards is provided on the notice board at Braehead.


6.  A serious view will be taken of non-attendance.


Rules of Play (as they apply to the aforementioned Competitions)


1. Decisions by the BCC Committee of Management on the interpretation of the Rules            will be final.

2. Play will be in accordance with RCCC Rules but subject to the following club additions:

2.1 Substitutes must be members of the club, except as noted at 2.3 below, and will be called upon in the following order:

2.1a Substitutes from own rink.

2.1b Substitutes from the Reserves - maximum three and may play in any position, with the exception of the Frame

Cup/ Bearsden Bowl when the rules for that competition apply.

2.1c Substitutes from another rink - maximum two, must play as lead or second only.

2.2 Any player joining a rink after the completion of the first end may play as lead only.

2.3 A Substitute who is not a member of the Club is eligible to play in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

2.3a The Substitute can only play in Lead position.

2.3b The Substitute can only play for a rink if no one else from the rink is available and no Reserves are available.

2.3c The agreement of the Skip of the opposing rink is required.

2.3d The Substitute will not be charged ice money.




1. Breach of the rules - game conceded - penalty six shots.

2. Only three players - Skip can play only two stones each end - penalty four shots.

3. Only two players - game conceded - penalty six shots.

4. Player(s) late for the start of the game - penalty one shot for every five minutes after the start of the game -   maximum penalty four shots.


Ice and Payment of Dues


1. Any Team which fails to appear, or concedes, shall be liable for the payment of their own ice and that of their opposition.

2. In Friendlies, teams from ALL CLUBS - both home and away - pay their own share of ice money and for meals, where

this is part of the evening, on the night.

3. In "Home" friendly matches Skips are responsible for the collection of the ice money from their own team, and from the opposition, and for passing these payments to the Hon. Treasurer -   NOT TO BRAEHEAD.

4. While substitutes, engaged in accordance with clause 2.3 of the Rules of Play above, are not to be charged ice money, registered Club Reserve Players must pay for their ice.  The amount to be paid by the Reserves will be determined by the committee prior to the start of the playing season.  The appropriate ice fee should be given by the Reserve Player to the skip on the night.  This should then be forwarded on to the Hon Treasurer and applied to the club funds.






Notes for Rink Convenors - from Match Secretary   August 2017


  • Receive from Secretary / Match Secretary ice allocation.
  • Work out days and dates the rink is on the ice at Braehead.
  • Phone around the team and find out the days and dates when they are unavailable to play.
  • Make up teams using this information and send a draft to the members.
  • Arrange, if required, a meeting to discuss the information on the draft list of play.
    • At this meeting some of the members may be able to play when others find it impossible.  If there are times when a complete team is impossible then a member of the Reserve list should be approached prior to the beginning of the season.  If no Reserve can be found, then approach a member of another rink.
  • Please indicate on the form if a person is Not Available (N/A) for curling so that in the case of a substitute being required the person can easily see who is available for that particular evening.
  • Remember bell will go at 1 hour 50 minutes.  Please suggest to your rink that the draw for who goes first in the game is made prior to setting foot on the ice. 
  • Encourage the lead to forget sorting out the stones for play.  This can be left to the second and third – or if no time then each player is perfectly capable to choose their correct numbered stones. Skips can also sort stones whilst opposition are considering their next delivery.
  • Each player should be in position on time to play his / her stones without dreaming down the rink!  We can all do it but we have less time to play our 8 ends so we must be quick off the mark.
  • Send out the final list to each member of the team and REMEMBER to send a copy of this to Campbell Denholm, the Treasurer, Iain MacVoy, the Match Secretary and Rae McIntyre the Recorder (he needs this info to check off teams when recording their scores etc).


  • It is very important that teams should be made up from a mix of the top and lower end of the team – a good balanced team.  The best possible team is required for each outing, keeping in mind, at the same time, that each member should be playing the same number of games at least within a game or two of one another.  I know that there are instances when this is not possible due to holidays etc. but do your best!!
  • Please ensure that the rink is aware of the sequence of obtaining substitutes:
    • from own rink,
    • from reserves and
    • from another rink as a last resort. 
  • Reserves pay for their ice and it is the responsibility of the skip on the night to collect this money and give it to Campbell Denholm, charge £5 for day ice and £10 for evening ice.
  • Make sure the rink is aware of the penalties for lateness / non appearance i.e. penalty of 1 shot for every 5 minutes after the start of the game – maximum penalty 4 shots.
  • Encourage the routine that a skip phones round his allocated team prior to the game to check all have remembered the date!  Even the best of us forget or muddle up dates!
  • Remind rink that if they reach a semi or final in the competitions they will have to pay the ice for that night to their skip who in turn should send it to the Treasurer.
  • All competitions i.e Speirs, Firth, Rink and Frame/Bearsden Bowl are 8 ends or to the bell.

Speirs  -  Main League

  • This consists of 21 games.  There are 8 teams are made up of eight members each.  Allocating games as equally as possible will result in 4 members playing 11 games and 4 playing 10 games.

Firth Medal

  • This involves two sections of four rinks playing in league format.  The winners of the section then proceed to the final and play one another.
  • There are 3 guaranteed games in this competition followed by the final.
  • I would suggest that each rink should put out its best possible players for this competition – going out for a WIN.  The players in this should, if possible be excluded from the Rink Medal to give others a chance in it.

Rink Medal

  • This is a simple knockout competition with 1 guaranteed game.
  • This should be made up of team members not playing in the Firth Medal if possible.  It would be nice to think that the whole team (rink) is either playing in all or part of the Rink Medal or the Firth Medal.

Frame Cup / Bearsden Bowl

  • Schenkel style competition for less experienced skips played initially over 3 rounds, then separated to High Road and Low Road for another 3 rounds.  There are therefore 6 games in all.
  • Team members with an asterisk beside their name cannot skip or play higher up the rink than second in this competition.  The purpose of this competition is to encourage members to improve their skills.  Therefore, less experienced players should be selected in preference to asterisked players.
  • It is a good idea to choose one main skip and a secondary one, both playing if possible the same number of games to keep everything fair. 
  • Need to try and balance out this with those having less games in the Firth Medal and the Rink Medal.

Centenary Trophy

  • For 2017-18 the Centenary Trophy will be awarded on a points basis with an extra point being awarded for games covering eight ends and an additional extra point for a win in the Frame, Bowl, Rink and Firth competitions. Semi-finals and Finals in the Rink and Firth Medals will not count towards the Centenary Trophy.


Remember that the semis and finals are not definite games for the members and therefore should not be included in the total games played by the persons included to play in these games on your lists.  However, it is a good idea to make up teams for these games so that the persons know to keep themselves available if the happy occasion arises that the team makes it to the semis and finals.


Prizes will be awarded to all members of the rink winning the Speirs Trophy.  Rinks winning the Firth Medal, Rink Medal Frame Cup and the Bowl will be awarded 4 prizes.  If more than 4 players have been used it is for the Rink convener to nominate the prize winners but generally this will be those that play in the Final.


We do not play a rotating skip game in Bearsden and so when the main skip is involved on the night he or she should be skipping the rink and not playing down the rink as has happened in the past.  However, if that skip wishes to relinquish his or her position then that is up to him or her!!

Members please check the 'News' page regularly.

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